2 min readJan 9, 2022

Just like our name, we have always had a vision to have part-time.designers. Allowing designers of all disciplines (graphic, 3D, industrial, product, verbal…) and levels (junior, mid, senior, director) to be part of our future, based on their availability. If you have a full-time position at an agency but free after hours or weekends and want to be part of the conversation, part of the process, part of the outcome, come be a part-time.designer.

We believe the best outcome requires a mix of minds, backgrounds and approaches, and to allow this, a new model is required. A model that helps design a better future at a global level, while still keeping an eye on our own local communities.

Some of the most important companies can’t afford the importance of design, which lowers the true impact they can have in their community. Looking at non-profits particularly in the education sector their budgets don’t allow for in-depth brand strategies, rigorous brand guidelines and custom digital platforms. Yet their work is far more important than another D2C in an over saturated market.

Design has the power to change the world and as a part-time.designer that power will be used to help those that need it most.

Along with pro bono work, part-time.designers can become founders. Working inside our ventures lab designing new companies that support a better future, companies that challenge today’s approach and markets. Designers will be recognized for their work with part ownership of these companies, giving them long-term financial paths which is frequently not the case in our industry.

This is also about support, a place where like minded people from all over the globe can come together both digitally and IRL to talk design, share work, learn new skills, watch lectures, ask questions, start companies, even grab beers in a new city.

This is a WIP and one that will be fluid in design which changes as we grow. In the early stages we will be 80% by invite and 20% open to application so we can beta test the framework.

Applications are now open and successful applicants will be added to our private discord and have access to an incredible network of minds.


Also check out for current active studio job opportunities.



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